Azure Web Role recycling

On one machine, there was an error that didn’t reproduce on other devices.
Web Role can’t start in debug mode with recycling issue.


First of all I checked EmulatorRuntime.log which located in “C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\dftmp\EmulatorRuntimeLogs”.

There was a message:

I spend a lot of time trying to fix this issue. Helpful links from

But no one of this solutions solved my problem.

The problem was: Startup Task in ServiceDefinition.csdef made my role recycle.

Solution: So if you have problem with recycling check your startup tasks.

Asp.Net vNext and static files

If you start working with Asp.Net vNext Empty project and need static files, don’t forget:

  • Add reference Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles to project.json file into dependencies section
  • Append code provided below to Startup.cs: